Doubled Haploid Production

Doubled Haploid Production

For thousands of years, farmers have worked to improve their crop varieties, slowly breeding new traits over many generations. Today, advanced plant breeding technologies enable far more significant improvements in far less time.

Among the most promising emerging technologies is the production of doubled haploids – genetically pure plant lines that offer a quick route to new gene combinations for higher yield, improved quality, disease resistance, or other crop improvements.

The doubled haploid process rapidly yields true-breeding lines that can reliably be tested and selected for specific, desirable improvements. Conventional plant breeding techniques achieve the same objective, but over a much longer time. For winter wheat, the doubled haploid process delivers true breeding wheat lines in just one year, as compared to about six years for conventional methods. The time required for delivering a new winter wheat variety could thus be cut in half, requiring only five or six years as compared to 11 or 12.

HPI serves customers in public and private wheat breeding organizations to apply the doubled haploid process and produce new varieties that exhibit specific, desirable traits.

Our Process

HPI produces your doubled haploid lines on order, starting with seeds you provide by mail. We can generally produce 10 to 20 doubled haploids per seed: if you provide five to 10 seeds, we will return 50 to 100 doubled haploid lines. For each doubled haploid line, we deliver an average of 15 seeds, though we often times produce 20 or more seeds per line.  In addition, for an additional fee (and a few months) we can expand your DH's.  The HPI doubled haploid production process takes approximately one year and costs between $35 and $50 per delivered line - depending on the details of the order.

To learn more about the doubled haploid process, view our video.

To place an order for doubled haploid lines, contact Mohammad Asif at or (785) 320-4300.