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Identification of novel tan spot resistance QTLs using an SSR-based linkage map of tetraploid wheat

Chu CG, Chao S, Friesen TL, Faris JD, Zhong S, Xu SS. Mol Breeding (2010) 25:327–338.

Release Date: 
Fri, 01/01/2010

Identification of novel QTLs for seedling and adult plant leaf rust resistance in a wheat doubled haploid population.

Chu CG, Friesen TL, Xu SS, Faris JD, Kolmer JA. Theor Appl Genet. 2009 Jul;119(2):263-9.

Release Date: 
Wed, 07/01/2009

Haploidy in cultivated wheats: induction and utility in basic and applied research

Jauhar, P.P., Xu, S.S., Baenziger, S. Crop Science. Vol 49:737-754. 2009.

Release Date: 
Thu, 01/01/2009