HPI Announces Expanded Doubled Haploid Capacity

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 12, 2012


MANHATTAN, Kan. - Heartland Plant Innovations (HPI) has significantly increased its production capacity for wheat doubled haploids (DHs), effective immediately.  HPI is ready  to take new orders for the 2012-2013 production cycle.

“Using DH lines saves time and money for wheat breeders and geneticists,” said Forrest Chumley, President of HPI. “On behalf of our company’s farmer-owners and our partners in the public and private sectors, HPI is proud to offer this valuable service. Our aim is to speed delivery of problem-solving genetics for farmers and people who depend on wheat.”

HPI makes DHs using the wheat x corn method, which is effective with almost all wheat genotypes.  Using this method, HPI has developed a highly efficient system for producing wheat DHs.  HPI created more than 15,000 wheat DHs for customers during the company’s first 20 months of operation.  HPI expects to ship at least 30,000 lines in the next 20 months as the company moves to the new Kansas Wheat Innovation Center upon its completion in December, 2012.  With 15,000 square feet of state-of-the-art lab space and 10,000 square feet of modern greenhouses, the KWIC will provide HPI with facilities to produce up to 50,000 lines per year using current methods.  Progress on the KWIC can be followed online at:  www.heartlandinnovations.com/about-us/kansas-wheat-innovation-center.

HPI plans to utilize customer-selected DNA markers in conjunction with wheat DH production to provide “Trait Assured Doubled Haploids” (TADHs) beginning in 2013. This added service will significantly increase the efficiency of producing DH lines and allow customers to incorporate DH lines into their breeding and genetics programs more effectively.  For further information about this option, please contact HPI as indicated below. 

HPI generally produces DHs on demand, with no claim of rights in lines that are shipped to customers.  HPI is also actively engaged in developing value-adding traits, partnering with researchers in universities and private companies.  HPI invites inquiries about possible collaborations on trait discovery and advancement.

To discuss the wheat DH process, hold your space in HPI’s production pipeline, or to place an order, please contact Dr. Chenggen Chu (cchu@heartlandinnovations.com).